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Haruki Ogawa Open Studio

2015 Sept. 26 (SAT) - Oct.4 (SUN)
Opening reception: 2015 Sept. 26 (SAT), 16:00-21:00

Haruki Ogawa opens his just renovated studio to show his latest works, the creation process and his approach to organization of "space for an artist". Several created during this summer paintings will be on display while unfinished works and massive installation-like accumulation of painter's tools and materials will lead the visitors through the layers of Ogawa's works in progress.
We are also happy to use this opportunity to present to our audience in Japan the works of the artist, which later cross the Pacific Ocean to head to the first presentation of the artist in USA at Aqua Art Miami Art Fair upcoming December.
We are planning barbeque for the opening reception and foreign and local Frantic friends atmosphere, while our guests can also enjoy last warm days of this year and beautiful nature around the studio located on significant for Japanese history site, namely right at the battlefield of Mimasetoge, a fight which took place in 1569 between the forces of Takeda Shingen and Hojo clan leaving 900 dead samurais behind.
We will help you with the navigation and bus schedules and don't hesitate to contact us for the details if you decide to come.

Exhibition Title: Haruki Ogawa Open Studio
Participating Artist: Haruki Ogawa
Dates: 2015 Sept. 26 (SAT) - Oct.4 (SUN)
Opening reception: 2015 Sept. 26 (SAT), 16:00-21:00
Venue: 243-0308 Kanagawa, Aikohgun, Aikawamachi, Mimase 1287
Time: 11:00 - 19:00 (open every day during the show)
URL: frantic.jp


Macoto Murayama's Digital Art presented in Patek Philippe

Swiss watches maker run magazine "Patek Philippe" presents to his closed circle of clients/readers Inorganic Flora works by Macoto Murayama bringing attention to the clock-work mechanism of plants.


Taisuke Mohri at Cognacq-Jay the museum dedicated to
the visual culture of XVIII century

Taisuke Mohri, The Cracked Portrait #5, pencil on paper, glass, 95.2x69.4x6cm, 2014

During Art Fair season in Paris upcoming October Taisuke Mohri will present one of his latest works in Cognacq-Jay, museum dedicated to XVIII century visual culture. The work will be dedicated to one of the pieces in the collection of the museum but will be created in the original portrait style of the artist. The opening is on October 20th (WED). Follow us for more information.


Macoto Murayama in "The Future of Making Things" by Autodesk
Ba-tsu Gallery, Tokyo

After the presentation of Macoto Murayama's Botanical Diagrams in Autodesk San-Francisco we continue the collaboration with this leading software manufacturer and present several 3D computer graphics works of the artist at Autodesk pop-up gallery in Tokyo upcoming October.


Macoto Murayama in "Heaven and Hell. From Magic Carpets to Drones"

Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium
2015 March 6 - Sept. 6

Macoto Murayama, Botech Composition - 1 - bc, digital c-print, 150x100cm, 2013, Ed.5

"Somewhere, beyond good and evil, there is a garden. I will meet you in it."
Djalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

Macoto Murayama will present his works from the series titled "Botech Composition" (prints and video installation) in the exhibition "Heaven and Hell" organized by Boghossian Foundation, on view at the Villa Empain (Brussells). The show will broach the theme of flying machines and carpets from different angles: the symbolism of old carpets and the symbolism of the geometry of the gardens inspiring it, the age-old dream of flying and imaginary flying objects, the world seen from the sky, the occupation of space by satellites, and the worldwide development of drones and its consequences.

We are delighted to announce Frantic collaboration with American musician C.Love who created a commissioned piece for the presentation of the video work by Murayama. We will bring the result of their collaboration to the public view in WEB later this month and will announce the dates and links in further newsletters.


Cousteau Tazuke at "OBSCUR — CLARTÉ"

La Confidentielle YIA Art Fair
2015. March 26 - 29

One of the work by Cousteau Tazuke will be presented at curated by David Rosenberg exhibition "OBSCUR — CLARTÉ" during La Confidentielle by YIA Art Fair in the end of March.

Cousteau Tazuke, The Work with acrylic resin surface 2013.05.06, acryli resin, acrylic paint, alkyd paint, 102.5cmx102.5cm, 2013

Drawings by Taisuke Mohri in Hyperreal Book by Juxtapoz

You can find some latest pencil on paper works by Taisuke Mohri in Juxtapoz book dedicated to the new generation of photorealism and hyperrealism artists. The book is in large format and with short interview by each presented artist.


Inorganic Flora for L'Oreal

We are pleased to announce that after long negotiations and starting from this year several images of Macoto Murayama from his “Inorganic Flora” will illustrate and accompany the Hair Expertise series of products by L’Oreal distributed worldwide.


Paintings by Haruki Ogawa in Singapore

After presentation of works by Taisuke Mohri, Haruki Ogawa and Atsushi Koyama at the show "New Sensibilities in Painting and Sculpture" in Yeo Workshop (Singapore), till the end of this year you can enjoy large scale paintings by Haruki Ogawa in top Singaporean restaurants Sear and Match.

"Correlation III" (oil/alkyd on cotton/hemp canvas, 248x272.4cm, 2014)
by Haruki Ogawa on the 45th floor of Singapore Land Tower facing sunrise.

Cousteau Tazuke in "A Day in The life of"

Galerie Hengevoss-Duerkop, Hamburg, Germany
2015. Feb. 12 - Apr.4

Frantic Gallery is glad to present the collaboration with Galerie Hengevoss-Duerkop in Hamburg, Germany and invite you to the show "A Day in The Life of" where Cousteau Tazuke with Fabian Hesse and Thomas Kalberloh will present their concepts and methods related to imposition, transformation and superimposition on the boundaries of painting and sculpture.

Cousteau Tazuke, The work with acrylic resin surface 2012.03.06,
acrylic resin, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, 100x100cm, 2012 (detail)