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Atsushi Adachi, Ryo Kikuchi, Yasuo Tanaka, Takuya Watanabe
2015 NOV 18 (WED) – 22 (SUN) | Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
Opening reception: 2015 NOV 18 (WED), 18:00 – 20:00

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On November 18th 2015 Frantic Gallery brings back its traditional annual show in which we draw an underline under the recent trends and new talents in Japanese contemporary art with whom we would like to build a long lasting relationship. This time we show the works of four artists that will occupy the whole space of the gallery with the painting and on-wall objects as well as three-dimensional installation pieces, hinting on the possible directions of local art scene while exposing the variety of approaches to actual subjects and its media.
Atsushi Adachi working mainly with fragile paper material and referring to the theme of war battle and its ruins and vestiges researches the topic of time and memory. Creating palimpsests with numerous layers of signification he crosses different type of information media from the pieces of texts of related newspapers to the models of involved planes or submarines. The decay of war machines overlaps with the fading of the contemporary to the event description in media transforming into metaphoric and multidimensional image of the past and a representation of the unconscious work of memory.  
More about the artist: Atsushi Adachi    
Atsushi Adachi, Silent Bottom, paper, watercolor,24.5×44.5×4cm, 2011
Ryo Kikuchi while studying 20th century philosophy and ideas of Zen Buddhism, through his works reflects on the particularities of human perception and mechanisms of the mind in general and using various painterly technics creates objects that shake our common vision of reality and the way we think it is structured. His “Umbilical” stresses the mechanisms of “the separation” and “insertion of difference” crucial for our production of identities and meaning, while keeping the possibility of connecting three “separate” parts of the work back again in one unity. His “Void” series presents vaguely visible landscape or object, which while “asking” for the closer observation “vanishes” in the rows of dots when the viewer make a step closer to the image, thus totally dismantling the possibility of the distance necessary for the clear observation, and opening the void.
Ryo Kikuchi, Umbilical, acrylic on wooden panel, 90x155cm, 2015
Ryo Kikuchi, Void #1, acrylic on panel, 20x20x2.1cm, 2015 Ed.5
Yasuo Tanaka uses minimal expression means -- limited colours or simply black and white and only abstract elements – creating petrifyingly balanced compositions which are more than just a sum of their elements. “Almost nothing” (and in any case rather links and relationships than anything concrete) gives birth not just to space and breathing of time but to the stunning balance with inescapable force of presence.  
More about the artist: Yasuo Tanaka
Yasuo Tanaka, One of The Distances No.69, oil on canvas, 91×116,7cm, 2014
Yasuo Tanaka, Divergence Time No.94, oil on canvas 72.7×116.7cm, 2015
Takuya Watanabe presents his “Invisible Scripts”, in which he uses porcelain as a material and transforms the traditions of Japanese craft to create an experience of fragmented/assembled body and unearthly erotic it generates. The work is composed of 18 ceramic pieces that are presented in dispersed way with randomness and accidentality intervening in its organization as well as kind of “Ideal-Moi”: mirroring object with astonishing sense of completeness. Two possible states of the one body are exhibited together to show the always possible schism of any entity as well as permanent desire of a human subject for the higher integrity.      
More about the artist: Takuya Watanabe
Takuya Watanabe, Invisible Scripts_the whole, porcelain, glaze, 55x110x24, 2013 Ed.5
Takuya Watanabe, Invisible Scripts_the parts, porcelain, glaze, 42x180x75, 2013 Ed.5
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