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Frantic Artists at YIA Art Fair 2015
Atsushi Koyama, Zen Taianaka, Haruki Ogawa, Cousteau Tazuke

2015.10.22 (THU) - 25 (SUN)
Le Carreau Du Temple, Paris

Frantic Gallery is happy to take part in Young International Artists Art Fair for the first time and will present 4 artists working in the field of painting and their research on the means, technique, structure and alternative topics of painterly expressions. Join us for the opening or during the art week at the marvelous Le Carreau Du Temple in the center of Paris.

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More about the artists: Atsushi Koyama | Zen Tainaka | Haruki Ogawa | Cousteau Tazuke
Haruki Ogawa: In his recent paintings, while working on idea of “echo” and “resonance”, Haruki Ogawa develops the basic structure of the painting and using canvases of different color tones and textures bring them into the visual dimension of depicted actions. 
Haruki Ogawa, Correlation V, oil, alkyd paint on cotton, hemp canvas, 90x100x6.3cm, 2015
Cousteau Tazuke's unconventional painting technique reveals intense imaginary. Tazuke carves into clear acrylic panels, pours acid-colored paint in the resulting cavities and then exhibits these works backwards, thus subverting the opposition of the front and the rear of the picture and transcending the borderline between the art of sculpture and that of painting.
Cousteau Tazuke, The work with acrylic resin surface 2015.08.11, acrylic resin, acrylic paint, alkyd paint, 91x91x4cm, 2015
Atsushi KoyamaA machine – the simplest rotating devices of mechanical nature – come apart and expands on black background of Atsushi Koyama’s canvases while parts of human body gently and with care hold, elevate or support the running parts. 
Atsushi Koyama, Undefined 22, oil on canvas, 91x73cm, 2015

Using painterly means Zen Tainaka creates parallel running chains of signifiers connecting them in the most unexpected and staggering way. The depicted motive runs into the one simply attached to the surface of the work following further along the lines of the possible interpretations back to the figurative expression or an abstract colorful stain that at particular moment might actually make sense.
Zen Tainaka, Birthday Party, acrylic, clay, plastic on wooden panel, 91x72.7x7cm, 2015
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