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Haruki Ogawa, Fusion IV, acrylic on cotton canvas, 98x110x6cm, 2016
Frantic Artists at SCOPE NY Art Fair
Haruki Ogawa, Zen Tainaka, Atsushi Koyama

2016.03.03 (THU) - 6 (SUN)
SCOPE , New-York

After our proved to be successful first art fair show in USA in Miami last December we are happy to return in America, this time in New-York, and present the latest works of three of our artist and their latest discoveries and experiments in the field of painterly expressions.

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More about the artists: Haruki Ogawa | Zen TainakaAtsushi Koyama
Haruki Ogawa develops the basic structure of the painting and using canvases and bases of different color tones, textures and materials bring them into synthetic image with paradoxical topology and expanding dynamics. 
Haruki Ogawa, Fusion VII, alkyd, acrylic on cotton-hemp, hemp canvas, stainless steel, plywood, 98x109x6cm, 2016
Zen Tainaka in a dizzying manner moves from the surface to the content of the image and back permanently fluctuating between substance and meaning and in original and witty way disclosing the essence of painterly expression. 
Left: Zen Tainaka, Meteor, acrylic, clay on wooden panel, 91×72.7cm, 2016
Right: Zen Tainaka, Slide and Push, acrylic,wood on panel, 91×72.7cm, 2016
A machine – the simplest rotating devices of mechanical nature – come apart and expands on black background of Atsushi Koyama’s canvases while parts of human body gently and with care hold, elevate or support the running parts. The Mechanism unfolds in human’s hands overcoming its utilitarian or even material nature and while generating aesthetical strength goes beyond the material. 
Atsushi Koyama, Undefined 19, oil on canvas, 130x190cm, 2015
Frantic Gallery
Ikejiri Institute of Design 309,
2-4-5 Ikejiri, Setagaya,
Tokyo, Japan 154-0001

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