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Macoto Murayama and C.Love perform at 
The Fifth Anniversary of The Opening of Villa Empain 
and the finissage of
"Heaven and Hell. From Magic Carpets to Drones" Exhibition

2015.09.02 (WED), 19:00 ~
Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium

American musician C.Love meets with Japanese artist Macoto Murayama to create a magic garden / flying carpet atmosphere at the finissage of "Heaven and Hell. From Magic Carpets to Drones" Exhibition at Villa Empain. C.Love will present a live set of original music in her "Byzantine Disco" style and continue into night with the Dj performance presenting her selection of outstanding tracks, while flying over different epochs and ethnos and wondering in the vast sound-garden between elegant voices and electronic noises. Meanwhile, Murayama for the first time in his career will VJ using the selection and compilation of his 3D computer graphic works (both video and still images), to create transforming and breathing Inorganic Flora Garden... and invite you to lose yourself in it. 

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More about the artists: Macoto Murayama 

"Japanese Lilly" being born on the grid of 3D Computer Graphics Software (by Macoto Murayama).
A behind the scenes look at Macoto Murayama's artistic process, and the development of the exhibit of his work at Autodesk's San Francisco gallery.
Macoto Murayama creates computer generated botanical drawings, bringing an ancient tradition of flower illustration into the digital age. Pre-modern visuality meets here with cutting-edge technology; natural forms intertwine with scientific sharpness and descriptive precision. Murayama starts as a true botanist: he collects a plant, makes vivisection and observation, draws and photographs. However, his own flower is born with the help of the 3dsMax software for three-dimensional graphics...

C.Love at " We are Monsters" party, Hyde 222, San-Francisco, 2013
With her pitched-down dark edits & wuenderkaemmer of records, C.love creates a byzantine disco - a style signified by its lush, intricately layered sound & a provocative, pan cultural catalogue of tempo. It is a singular style crafted by her deft, alchemical mix of original music, classic tracks & found sound - a disco that beckons with smoke-wisp finger an invitation to a sacred space of sweat, memory & magick.
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