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Frantic Artists at AQUA Art Miami 2015
Haruki Ogawa, Cousteau Tazuke, Macoto Murayama, Taisuke Mohri and Akane Yorita

2015.12.2 (WED) - 6 (SUN)
AQUA, Miami Beach

Before this year ends Frantic Gallery moves to the next continent and we are happy to finally announce our first art fair participation in USA. We are joining AQUA Art Miami Art Fair during the busiest art week in the year calendar and present four of Frantic Artists in the booth and one large object made of threads by Akane Yorita in the center of the fair public space. 

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More about the artists: Haruki OgawaCousteau Tazuke |
 Macoto MurayamaTaisuke Mohri
Akane Yorita
Haruki Ogawa: Haruki Ogawa develops the basic structure of the painting and using canvases of different color tones and textures bring them into synthetic image with paradoxical topology and expanding dynamics. 
Haruki Ogawa, Fusion II, oil, alkyd, acrylic on white-hemp, black-hemp, cotton-hemp canvas, 98x108x6.2cm, 2015
Cousteau Tazuke's presents his "notching images",  carved and painted from "behind" acrylic planes, the net-works of colorful scratches always in the play of becoming a concrete image and then disappearing into excess of unstable texture. 
Cousteau Tazuke, The work with acrylic resin surface 2015.03.20., acrylic resin, acrylic paint, alkyd paint, 91x91x4cm, 2015
Macoto Murayama creates computer generated botanical drawings, bringing an ancient tradition of flower illustration into the digital age. Pre-modern visuality meets here with cutting-edge technology; natural forms intertwine with scientific sharpness and descriptive precision. 
Macoto Murayama, Lathyrus odoratus L - front view - b, digital c-print, 100x100cm, 2012, Ed.8

Taisuke MohriCreated by pencil image (face or flower) is covered by the layer of glass with cracks in it. The material cracks enter the representation producing distinctive and blurry segments of an image as if parts of the depicted object are behind the window during rainy day. The Crack in substance becomes The Line in the image. From another side the seemingly 3-dimensional object “rushes out” from the flat surface into the mesh of broken glass merging with physical dimension, becoming a part of embodied reality.
 Taisuke Mohri, The Cracked Portrait #5, pencil on paper, glass, 95.2×69.4×6cm, 2014 (detail)

Frantic Gallery at AQUA Public Space
as a preview of the touring show
"Where Threads Lead"

~Kenjiro Nagata~Akane Yorita~Kanata Goto~
~ feat. sonic-threads by NTOGN~
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More about the artist:  Akane Yorita | Ntogn

"The Tender Noise"
by Akane Yorita
in the courtyard of AQUA
Akane Yorita, The Tender Noise, rayon threads, plastic pole, stainless steel pipe, H110xW300xD280, 2014
"The Tender Noise" by Akane Yorita will be presented in the middle of courtyard of AQUA for the whole period of the fair illuminated and in free rotation right above arriving visitors.  The presentation of this performed by black and white threads "Tender Noise" will serve us as a preview of "Where Threads Lead" Exhibition that will enmesh American public in the nearest future.
For now see more about the show here.
The art work that changes its shape with the breath of wind, the visual experience based on sequence and the essence of “before and after” embodied in the chain of repetitive threads: through these features of her works Akane Yorita wants the viewer to revert to his/her own position while facing the always changing image of the work. She creates indefinite, unstable space with no fixed meaning inviting the image of the onlooker as well as his/her point of view into the blank/space of the threads she creates.
Frantic Gallery
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